Vivid Green


  • Manufactured Colour
  • Good UV Stability
  • Suitable For All Mediums Except Fresco
  • Not Lime Or Cement Colour Stable
  • Non-Toxic

Vivid Green Pigment is Synthetic green pigment manufactured in Italy. Vivid green is a bright primary pigment suitable for colouring a wide range of media including oil, water and acrylic based paints. Not suitable for use with lime based media.

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Pigment Name: Vivid Green – 293
Pigment Type:
  Manufactured Pigment
Country of Origin: Italy
Colour Index: Y74+G7
Density: 856 g/l
Chemical Make-up:  Kaolinite – Goethite
Chemical Formula: PY 74/11741, PG 7/74260, CACO3
Lime Stable? Yes
UV Rating: Average
Colouring Power: Very Good
Particle Size: 50 microns (325 Mesh)
Heat Stability: Colour Stable to 138°C / 280° F

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Weight 110 g